Password protect your content

Password protecting your WordPress content, whether it’s paid downloadable content or member-only content, is easy to do with my Easy Page Defender plugin.

I wanted a way to create my own passwords for my protected content. I also wanted to have the option of customizing the form and the option of using Google’s ReCaptcha to prevent bots from stealing my content.

So, first, I did what anyone else would do… I searched online for a solution.

I searched only to find ‘some’ of the features I was looking for.

Then it became obvious that I should just create the plugin myself, (a.k.a. hire a programmer to do it).

So, about a week later, Easy Page Defender was born.

If you are interested in password protecting your WordPress content, please check out my plugin.

Just go to and get your copy! It’s only seven bucks and you can use it on as many sites as you want (sites that you own).