How To Create Your Own eCovers

If you’re creating eBooks, Reports, Software, Plugins, heck any digital product – you’ll need to have an eCover for it. Studies show that having a great eCover increases conversions – and that makes total sense.

There are a few different methods for creating an eCover graphic. They are;

  1. Hire someone to create one. You can go to several places online to hire a graphic artist to create your eCover graphic. Places like, or are among the most popular.
  2. There are also cloud based sites where you can make your own and download them for a modest price. An example of this would be Here, you can make one and download a copy of it for around $5 bucks.
  3. The third option, which is what I do, is to get your own eCover design software for a one-time low price and have the ability to create as many eCovers as you want or need. I use Laughing Bird software for this and other graphic production needs. It works great and perhaps the best part is that the eCovers that I create are exactly like I want them to be – not what some random Fiverr designer came up with.

So if you like to be in control of creating your eCovers, like me, then I highly recommend Laughing Bird eCover Generator. Here’s an example of one that I made with this software.