My name, as you likely already know, is Andrew Moore.

I made my first million in the food industry. The only problem that I encountered in making my first million was that it took over 25 years of employment with two major food processing companies to do it. 😅

Hopefully you can see that I do have a sense of humor. Anyway, let’s get to the marketing side of me…

I had been studying Internet Marketing (buying training products, shiny objects, etc.) for a few years when I finally figured out ‘how’ to actually get results (income) in the online world.

There’s really no big secret. There are several legitimate ways to make money online.

The TRUTH is… many people never actually take action on what they learn from the products/training they buy. This was me too. I’ve lost count on how many products I’ve bought that I didn’t take any action on, or stay focused on like I should have.

Finally, I made a key decision….

In order to ‘make’ money online, I first had to decide to become more of a ‘seller’ and less of a ‘buyer’. That was the biggest aha moment for me. After all, if you want to make money, you must be selling or promoting something. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy IM products, but only the ones that are aligned with my mission.

So, soon after having that clarity, I began to focus ONLY on the ACTIONS that were required to position myself to make money online. One of the actions I needed to take was to create this site.

The purpose of this site is for me to help other beginners find the quickest path to MMO (making money online).

I believe in keeping things simple. If you follow me for a bit, you’ll see exactly what I mean by keeping things simple.

Through my personal experiences, I painstakingly discovered the truths about the IM industry (book forthcoming) and I feel that it is my mission to help others avoid the pitfalls and get real results; the kind you can take to the bank.

Please feel free to bookmark my site, like my Facebook fan page, follow me on Twitter, etc.

Here’s to your success!

Andrew Moore